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studio news - january 19

North by Southwest - Paintings from Scotland and California

This month Jennie's show will open at the Robert Phillips Gallery at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton on Thames featuring paintings and showcasing subtle collaged works.

Entitled North by Southwest - Paintings from Scotland and Californian the exhibition will run from the 30th of January to the 24th February. 

Jennie will be at the gallery on Saturday the 2nd of February between 2pm & 4pm.

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Collaborating with Collage

Seeing again one of the cloaks that I had made in the 1970’s (currently on display in the London Transport Museum exhibition Poster Girls) reminded me of the continual importance of collage in my creative work.

Exploratory drawing and crude black & white collage are often my entry point into a painting as first steps on expendable detail paper. I work then directly on the intimidating emptiness of a fresh sheet of watercolour paper and the painting evolves from this process of preparation at play with imagination.

With the unforgiving medium of liquid acrylic, it is easy to arrive at an impasse, where change seems to be beyond reach, over-painting is not an option, yet there is a compulsion to continue working on or into the painting.

To ensure consistency with the work up to that point I use prepared sheets of the same paper blocked out in colours from the palette giving me additional material to work with. 

The sensual movement of cutting shapes from these swatches echoes the fluidity of making marks with a pen, a brush, a paperclip, a stick and this process permits me to continue working and break that previously perceived impasse.

Engaging with collage in this way makes it possible to emphasise a given area or to transform it completely, a curious three dimensional quality emerges, just an extra millimeter of depth and a further illusion of space develops from the picture plane.

I have used collage in this way in number of new works on show at the Robert Phillips Gallery.

Flora and Thorna © Jennie Tuffs.

Flora and Thorna © Jennie Tuffs.